The Chicago Heretics paintball team was founded the summer of 2007 when a group of like-minded players came together with the vision of creating an “impact” scenario paintball team. This team was founded on one central principal: Winning with Integrity. It’s our hallmark. No matter what happens, no matter how paintball changes or the team roster changes, as long as we keep our eyes on those three little words and what they mean, we will be fine.

   Integrity means more than just not cheating. Integrity is treating everyone, from noob to pro, with respect. Integrity is not flaming on message boards, but stating our opinion without calling names or jeering those we disagree with and making implications about their family tree or educational background. Integrity is standing up for truth, even if truth is unpopular. Integrity is respecting all playing styles and uniform styles, and seeing the benefit of those styles, even if we don't choose them for ourselves.

   Winning is not as easy to define. What is winning in scenario paintball? Is it MVP or MVT honors? Is it being on the winning side of a game? Is it meeting lots of players and being thought of so highly that they want to play with you again? Is it racking up a kill count? Being respected by other teams and not being taken lightly? Are winners determined by the number of size of their sponsorships? A national ranking like SPPL does? By the number of times they appear in a magazine or the number of articles they write? By taking leadership roles in games? This is a question that all teams have to answer, whether they think they do or n whether they think they do or not. Even the most anti-competitive team speak in terms of "winning".

   For us, winning is several of these things. We want to meet other teams/players and be able to walk away from the game with plans to play together again soon. We want to be respected by other teams as a tough, stand-up team that is fun to play with and hard to play against. We want to get walk-ons involved in the game and help them have more fun. That is winning. Of course, being on the winning side, getting MVT, in a magazine, all those things are great, but if we got all those things but other teams hated us, players don't want to play with us and we added nothing to the game for walk-on players, I don't think I could say we "won".

   We are competitive, we want to win. Its what we strive for, practice for, play for. But if we lose sight of integrity because of competitiveness, we will just be the biggest losers on the field.

-Todd "Spartan" Berens, founding member.