CPX Sports

   CPX Sports is the premier paintball field of the midwest, boasting over 26 concept fields on one billion, jillion, fi-fillion acres. Their top-notch tournament and commercial facilities host the Chicago stop of the PSP, the famed Living Legends annual scenario, and countless other large-scale events. The Heretics are very excited to start building our relationship with Sean Scott and the Dagnino family.


   Empire Paintball and its parent company KEE Action Sports are the preferred manufacturer of paintball softgoods, a top contender in paint sales and are now proud to bring an impressive new line of markers to the industry.


   Ninja Paintball, most famous for their innovative adjustable regulators, has proven its commitment to pushing the performance envelope, working with Bob Long to release the ultra-low-pressure SLP regulator. As the Chicago Heretics' air sponsor since 2011, Ninja Air affords the team a continued privilege in tank equipment.


   The Chicago Heretics are excited to continue our relationship with Bob Long, maker of the best markers on the market. The Bob Long Insight and V-COM represent the pinnacle of paintball marker technology, leading the charge in efficiency, quality and performance. Paired with Ninja's SLP regulators, the Heretics will be able to stay on the field and in the fight longer than ever before!